Jointless craftsman said how the seamless process is made

Jointless crafting generally has the following steps:

1. Clean the original filler of the jointless seam first, then use the special slitting machine to re-cut the slit in the original stone installation to minimize the gap difference between the stones, and then use it close to Stone color glue is used to fill it. (Note: If you have done the middle seam before, you don't need to re-seam).

2. Use marble glue close to its own color and perfectly color the marble glue to make it close to the original stone color to improve the overall sense and achieve the most ideal visual effect.

3, the adjusted marble glue is filled, because the marble glue will completely shrink after a certain degree of shrinkage, so the marble glue should be slightly higher than the stone level, so that it will not be filled multiple times.

4. Grinding and polishing the filler to make it a horizontal surface, increase the overall sense of the stone, and solve the problem of high and low gaps between the gaps to prevent the gap from returning to black again. Use a granite refurbished machine with a special cut-out abrasive piece to carefully polish the cut position to make it a flat whole with the stone.

5. Grinding and polishing: The jointless craftsman tells you that the special granite polishing machine is used to grind the stone from 50-3000 stone water-grinding pieces from coarse to fine, which makes the ground bright and new.

6. Crystallization treatment: the stone crystal powder and the crystallizing agent are matched with the crystal surface grinding machine to polish, and under the heavy pressure of grinding, the physical and chemical reaction of the stone and the crystal powder under high temperature is combined to form a dense and hard crystalline protective layer. . After crystallization, it can enhance color and brightness, and it can also achieve anti-slip, waterproof and oil-proof effects.

The jointless craftsman tells you that after the above process, the gap will have a good brightness, and the color of the stone is very close, the overall feeling is very strong, and, because of the stain resistance, water resistance and oxidation resistance of marble glue, No black seams will occur.