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Loy Chee Hong
黎志宏Loy Chee Hong

Singaporean, graduated from the University of Queensland, Australia, majoring in mechanical engineering and applied computer research. After graduation, he studied for a master's degree in business administration in the Netherlands. He has worked in Singapore plaskon mechanical engineer, First Engineering production technology director, Australia Hypercon mechanical design and production engineer, Harvey Norman business analysis director, Riva general manager assistant, and modal German general manager.

In 2008, he led the team to create Mould International and is currently the CEO of Mould International China. Host the company's comprehensive work. Loy has served a number of multinational companies with a professional management art and an international perspective. Since the establishment of the company, the model has been led from a small company that is unknown to become a well-known enterprise in the domestic and foreign industries.

Lincy Zeng
曾凡玲Lincy Zeng

Liaoning Tieling. After graduating from university, I switched to Japanese major. He has served as the deputy manager and project director of the Diede Dongguan business. He is currently the executive deputy general manager of Moulding China, where he is in charge of personnel, production, R&D and technical support. Lincy has many years of experience in business development and project management in Japan and Korea. He has served several texture production projects in Nissan, Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, Mazda and other OEMs.

Rigorous, pragmatic, and persistent in the production management philosophy of excellence and craftsmanship. The pursuit of self-sufficient, never-ending learning spirit is a respected and important heavyweight in the etch industry.

Grace Liu
刘金珍Grace Liu

Hubei Jingzhou. Master of Business Administration from Zhongshan University. He has served as the business director and R&D manager of Diede Dongguan, and the business director and factory supervisor of Model Germany. He is currently the executive vice president of Molding International China, in charge of business and finance.

Grace has many years of experience in texture research, development and management. He has led the team to overcome a variety of special-shaped texture development and production projects at home and abroad. As well as foreign business development work, we are now committed to serving high-end customers such as Microsoft, HP, Amazon, Volvo, Jaguar Land Rover, and Volkswagen.