How to distinguish the fake stitching of the car interior?

Even if you are a frequent car friend, you often deal with your car, but you don't necessarily understand him. The reason why the false stitches are exposed outside is the reason why the car seat line is not the same as the center console line. Why is there a real fake for the car interior stitching? You may not understand these questions before. Today, the fake stitching manufacturer will come to you to understand the fake stitches that you have neglected. In the second-hand car replacement, the interior protection is better, it is also possible to increase the value!

1. What is the fake stitching of the car?

Sutures are often seen in the interior of the car. There are two pieces of leather fabric to be spliced. Some stitches are exposed to the outside and some are hidden. Of course, the sewing thread on the car is also fake. The more fake stitching is on the top of the plastic material car. The stitching mold is used to show chaos!

2. How to distinguish the false stitches?

Seeing this, do the car owners want to go to the car to see, and identify the authenticity of the stitching? In fact, there is no false stitching, but a car company has a fake stitching mold on the plastic molding process, and the cost is relatively low, but the high-end mode is just a fire. However, if it is fake or fake, it is easier to identify the false stitching method. Then you can see what the center console material is. If the leather stitching is true, if it is plastic, the stitching can be fake. La!

3. What is the role of false stitches?

The work of stitching is the seam leather and the effect of decorative beauty. For example, Lexus, the leather seat in this car also uses two different leather materials. When sewing, it will also use two ways of light and dark. Double insurance can also guarantee that there will be no opening. In order to ensure good results, there will be wax lines on the car seat, which is also suture stitching and decorative effect. Since the stitching is usually made of genuine leather, there is not much to say!

However, even though the stitches used in your car are so strong, there will be friction after that, and the life of the stitching will be limited. Therefore, we also hope that everyone can use the seat cushion. When you use the seat cushion, you must not obstruct the airbag. The interior stitching is good, and there will be a good value in the replacement!